Naughty or nice?

We've only got one list here at Creative Emporium, and it's this nice list of great ideas to make your party pop and generate even more good will towards your company in this "season of".

  • Best value, mid-range and premium gifts
  • Gift wrapping
  • Workplace fun

best value gifts

1. Small chocolate gifts

Whether you're looking for trade show giveaways at this time of year or a smaller token of appreciation for employees or customers chocolate bars or dipping spoons, fudge, or mini gift packs are our Christmas Number One.

2. Eco gifts

Help keep the North Pole snow white with our plastic-free packaging.  The clear pots and bags are made from compostable plant-based materials, and the cardboard packaging can be recycled.

3. Chocolate coins

Chocolate coins are a Christmas favourite for children and adults alike.  Packaging options range from a small pouch for a low cost giveaway to the more substantial gift of a money tin.

4. Small confectionery tins

Whether you want mince pies, biscuits, or sweets we've got neutral gift tins for year-round usability or Christmas shapes to have your recipient feeling extra santamental.



5. Diary or notebook

Many people still value a desk diary, but if you don't think your recipient will, a notebook and pen set will always come in useful.

6. Festive candle

Candles have long been associated with Christmas (though thankfully no longer put on the tree) and make a lovely, calorie-free, gift.

7. Box of chocolates

An alternative to confectionery tins, this 27 piece selection box contains chocolates, truffles and a chocolate bar in branded film.  

8. Personalised bottles

  • Thermal metal bottles or plastic drinks bottles are on-trend items, and can be personalised to make your gift extra meaningful.

9. Enduring goodness

Once the sweets are gone, the mug will go on.  We can supply bespoke packaging and unique names, messages and artwork on the mug.

10. Travel mug

This insulated sequin mug with straw top is new to the market. Also available in silvery-white, it's a perfect seasonal gift for younger people.

11. Sharing tins

These sharing-size tins can contain a mix of confectionery, or all shortbread, cookies, or sweets, and snow on and snow forth.

12. Christmas hamper

Hampers are available at a range of price points.  Using a bag for life instead of a basket means it can be re-used - and your brand re-seen - more easily.


13. LED speaker

These light-up speakers have an incredibly heavy bass and 10 Watts of power.

14. Micro speaker

A micro speaker shown next to a phone

These tiny but high-quality speakers can be bought in a boxed set for stereo pairing.

15. Wireless charger

gif showing geo wireless charger with a personal name flashing on andn off

Tech gadgets are always a welcome gift.  This totally wireless charger can be personalised, and lights up.

16. Battery-free charging

Circular acrylic rotating charger and phone stand

These wireless chargers are safe for airline cargo holds but still allow gift recipients to dash to that meeting without fumbling to unplug their phone.  

17. Premium pens

Cross pens are a high quality gift and can be engraved with a personal message as well as your brand name and the recipient's name.

Gift wrapping 

and fulfilment

18. Reusable gift bags

Pop your pressies in a not-too-Christmassy printed tote for year-long use and exposure. 

19. Bespoke gift tags

However you choose to wrap your gifts, we can provide bespoke gift tags for you.

20. Fulfilment service

We can bag, tag, box or wrap your own purchases or your branded goodies.

Wrapping your gifts is a great way of individualising generic products as well as adding a personal message - but it can take you hours.

Let the team at our in-house production facility take the effort out of Christmas for you and fulfil your labelling, wrapping, or packaging needs.  

You can have your own purchases delivered to us, or order branded goodies like the ones on this page, and we can add tags and bows, or wrap or box up one or more items.

workplace fun

21. Christmas corporatewear

Adding Christmas scarf designs, ties, tie pins and name badges to your company uniform can improve customer sentiment and sales.  It's snow joke!

22. Santa hats

Add more jollity to your workplace's winter wardrobe with Christmas tree hats, knitted beanies, and branded santa hats in felt, plush or even red and green reversible sequins.

23. Christmas jumper

Did you know Christmas jumper day was started by Save the Children in 2012?  Get extra exposure for your corporate fundraising efforts with branded festive sweaters and tees.

24. Snap

Choose your own branded cracker contents so you can add something meaningful for your organisation.

25. Crackle

Bring a little something different to the corporate Christmas dinner table with branded drinks bottles.

26. Pop

Branded party poppers are another little touch that make your festive celebrations feel extra special.

27. Awards

personlised award for employee engagement

If you're thanking staff for their efforts over the past year at your seasonal celebrations, remember to get your awards in!

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