Team October 16, 2015

Day in the life of…

This month, our spotlight is on Production Manager Amy, who is talking baking, exploring, grumpy people and exceeding customer expectations…

Us: “Hi Amy! So, for our blog readers, can you tell us a bit about your role as Production Manager?”

AMY: “I have worked at CE for nearly 3 years, and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone – it must be the job that keeps me busy! Basically my role involves overseeing and managing the production of orders and goods for clients. Client order information is passed to my team, the production department, by the sales team when they have a new order. We look after the order from this point until the goods are delivered to the client. I place orders with suppliers and liaise with the customers to ensure the goods are delivered on time and to the high quality expected. It takes the admin away from the sales team and lets them win more work!”

Us: “What three words would you use to sum-up a typical day in the CE office?”

AMY: “Exciting. Unpredictable…Unstoppable!”

Us: “And what one word would you use to describe why you love your job?”

AMY: “Rewarding”

Us: “Can you tell us what has been your biggest creative challenge to date and how you overcame it?”

AMY: “One of the biggest challenges we face in this department is co-ordinating big campaigns to get them out on time. Throughout the year, one of our biggest retail clients runs many events at their shopping centres all around the country, and we put together merchandise packs for all their retail promotions”.

The client services and creative team do an amazing job of putting together exciting products to inspire our client; and seeing the real thing once it all comes together is so rewarding!

It’s really satisfying seeing a campaign come together. One campaign involves input from all of our in-house departments – sales and customer service through to design, production and warehousing – to ensure the stock is produced on time and developed as we, and the client, have envisioned. It’s amazing when you see literally thousands of the finished merchandise packs put together ready to dispatch to the client. Once they have gone out the door, you feel a great sense of achievement.”

Us: “What has been your favourite promotional campaign or project for a client and why?”

AMY: “One of my favourite projects so far has been working with global beauty brand, Benefit. We put together gift ideas for their employee Long Service Awards, to celebrate and acknowledge staff service. The client was a pleasure to work with, and really open to our ideas – the more creative the better!

They wanted some fun products which they could give to the shorter serving team members to show their appreciation, and then we offered higher end premium gifts for those who had been there longer as an acknowledgment of their long service with the company.

I enjoyed creating an ‘ideas box’ of 20-25 products, which was sent in a beautifully presented box, with the gifts inside wrapped in pink tissue paper, which they loved as it added a special touch! They finally decided on a product range of 15 products from our ideas, so all the effort was worthwhile!”

Us: “Tell us your fave 3 promo products and why?”:


  • Lanybook – original, versatile, classy


  • Magic Cube – tactile, fiddly, satisfying


  • Confectionery – colourful, variety, delicious!

Us: “In your own words, what do you think makes CE different/unique?”

AMY: “It has been said before, but I genuinely think it’s the the people who work at CE that makes us unique. Everyone is so committed to their roles and to our clients and it makes such a difference, not just in our day to day work, but in the overall satisfaction of our clients. Dealing with various external companies every day, I encounter some people who, when something goes wrong they will walk away and not help. But I make it my mission that if a client hasn’t got their order, or has a query, we will do everything in our power to sort it for them and ensure they are not disappointed. Everyone has the same mentality here – we always go ‘over and above’ to meet and exceed customer expectations, and that’s how it should be in my opinion!”

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