Marketing September 26, 2017

Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant?

We often spend a lot of time looking towards the future, addressing new trends, new technology and new research. However, does traditional marketing still have a place within these modern business strategies?

Is traditional marketing still relevant?


The answer, in simple terms, is yes. No matter what brilliant results can be achieved through social media, viral marketing or stealth advertising, there is still a very important place carved out for the more traditional forms of marketing. While it is an important method of reaching people, online is not the only way. Potential customers still watch television and are receptive to the messages in commercials. They still read newspapers, and will be intrigued by the advertisements – especially if they’re being offered some kind of great incentive.

Additionally, people still drive past billboards and will notice the messaging being conveyed, and they’ll still listen to the radio in the car and hear advertisements. None of this has changed through the advent of online. Traditional messaging is accessible to all, no matter whether they’re online or not. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re looking to target an older generation who aren’t always as internet savvy as a millennial audience. Likewise, traditional marketing can help you target a specific audience in a geographic area, and remains credible in a time of fake news. Traditional media outlets are seen as trusted sources.

Do we still need marketing collateral?


Likewise, marketing collateral remains an important strategy. Sending leaflets and letters through the door is still a great way of getting your message across in a direct and targeted way. The same goes for any collateral that is being given away at events and exhibitions, including promotional merchandise. Huff Post have found that 83% of consumers actually like to receive a promotional product that has an advertising message on it, while 85% of customers will go on to do business with the advertiser once they have received the promo product.

Unlike an e-mail, which has a fleeting lifespan, with a promotional product, over half of recipients will keep hold of the item from anywhere between one year and four years. There’s a lot to be said for the value that this merchandise holds. In addition to all this, by combining a traditional method, such as promotional merchandise, with modern methods, such as online marketing, it has been found that the promo product increases the effectiveness of other strategies and media. Ultimately, through combining new and old together, it’s possible to find greater success.

What is the future of traditional marketing tactics?


It is worth noting, though, that the modern audience is becoming increasingly more judicious as they find themselves dealing with advertising and marketing at every turn. Therefore, personalised communications are proving most effective. Showing an awareness of the audience or appreciating details about their life can all help traditional marketing tactics thrive in the future of the digital world.

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