Marketing September 19, 2014

promotional products week – amy’s favourite promo product!

AmyNotebooks…there are so many to choose from, different shapes, sizes & colours and they all have the same function. Everyone uses them and there is nothing better than getting a brand new, fresh notebook to simply make your notes for the day or to start writing your life story!! One part of my job I love to do is to take an ordinary, bog standard product that everyone uses and find a unique twist on them to make people stop and say WOW! The Lanybook does exactly this, you can have so many colour combinations and add small touches to make it into a product, which looks bespoke made, for a standard notebook price!!! It is an amazing way to incorporate not only your clients logo but also their colourways to create a product which people really take notice of.

I want my clients to love the products their brand is displayed on and want to use them again and again. The products which I use have to be the best quality and ensure the longevity you would want your brand to represent. Promotional merchandise is so important as it creates an emotional bond between the audience and the brand – without this the message would be lost. If the correct merchandise if used then the client will be reminded subliminally of the brand without even realising it.

I love working in the promotional merchandise industry as it allows me to really get involved in all aspects of branding and use promotional merchandise to present my client’s brands creatively.


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