Digital Marketing August 6, 2015

Why are ‘web analytics’ important for business growth?

Almost 60% of marketers never look at their website’s analytics. That’s pretty high in our opinion! But why do analytics matter? We’ve aimed to highlight why you need to use website analytics to drive continuous improvement of your online activity.

What are “web analytics”?

Web analytic software, such as Google Analytics, simply looks at a chosen aspect of your website (e.g. page views, pay-per-click advertising, etc) and generates a series of reports that show you how your site is being used. It’s typically used by comparing and evaluating the reports against your marketing/business KPIs.

For example, you may have targets to achieve a certain number of visitors or conversions per month, and by regularly checking your analytics you can see how your site is performing and whether your targets are being met. The great thing about it is that with analytics software like Google, you can pretty much measure every aspect of your site. You can choose to focus on specific links or specific areas of your site, or simply just to measure traffic.

Services such as Google Analytics are free to use, tell you what is working and what isn’t, and therefore can increase your ROI and reduce your costs – yet almost 60% of marketers never look at their website’s analytics! We know that staring into graphs and charts might not be the highlight of your day, but it can provide key user statistics and insights that can help you tweak and tailor your online marketing activity and make much-needed improvements to generate better results. Try giving yourself some time each week to review analytics – and more regularly if you run an e-commerce site.

Key considerations when using web analytics software:

What do you want to measure?

Start by finding out what you can measure – and what this can tell you.

Be clear about where you are spending money. Do you just want to work out your return-on-investment?

If the spend is on pay-per-click or an email, and the objective is to drive prospects to your site, do you want to work out what profit or income the chosen channel is generating?

Over what time period are you doing the analysis? Remember that it may take several visits before a prospect actually buys anything!

How can you improve your website? Go back to basics. What was the primary objective? What is the primary objective now?

Then convert data into intelligence.

For example compare your understanding of where site visitors are going within the site, and how long they are staying there with the objectives of your marketing strategy. Are they viewing the content you want them to?

What are visitors doing/not doing on your site? For example, if you have a content-based site, is the number of pages accessed by visitors increasing or decreasing?

What content is most effective at engaging and converting potential customers?

How can you improve online assistance during the purchase process?

Which value-added services are building loyalty and value to your customers?

Which channels are delivering your campaign’s objective(s)?

Web analytic tools can determine which channels (search, banners, email, blogs, etc) have delivered most visitors to your site. But remember that the channel delivering the highest click-throughs doesn’t always generate the highest returns!

How does offline marketing affect your online sales? And vice-versa.

For example, how successfully have your promotional items driven prospects to specific link or campaign microsite? It’s much more difficult to determine if online marketing is affecting offline sales. However, use of ‘Contact us’ sections or enquiry forms within the site can be tracked within your office email system or CRM.

Which search terms (paid or organic) work?

Web analytics can collect data on incoming traffic from different search engines, but be clear about the amount of traffic generated by a keyword, but also about whether it is generating a stated objective (such as signing up to a newsletter).

What other methods can you use to measure your site?

Web analytics can tell you there’s a problem, but usually can’t tell you why. Therefore, why not consider combining it with engaging pop-up surveys, questionnaires, focus groups and one-to-one usability tests?

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